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Powerful Connections, Young Minds in the Making, LLC (Child Care/Preschool)

About Us

High Quality Early Learning in a Home Environment

Powerful Connections, Young Minds in the Making, is a home based early learning program started by two early childhood professionals with collectively over 30 years of teaching, coaching, and directing experience. We purchased our house with a vision that it would be the perfect layout for our ‘dream’ program. Having run both home based and non-profit centers, we have joined the best of both worlds for an exceptional program for children and families.  We are licensed through ADHS and currently have a maximum group size of 5 chIldren. The ratio of teachers to children is 1:5. 

Mission and Philosophy

The Mission of Powerful Connections, Young Minds in the Making, is to build positive relationships with children and families, providing an atmosphere for children to develop and grow to their full potential. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that powerful relationships, interactions, and learning connections are key ingredients for children to succeed as life-long learners. We believe children are capable of directing their own play, and that our role is to understand when to scaffold and facilitate learning and when to step back as children learn to problem solve and construct their own knowledge. Above all, we believe that all children should feel safe, secure, respected, and loved. 

Home Environment

Powerful Connections has a dedicated space in our home uniquely designed to include all the elements of the highest quality early childhood programs, with the comforts of a loving home. The continuity of care from a consistent teacher promotes positive relationships and powerful learning connections that are necessary for children to build resiliency and become lifelong learners.  

Program Information

Program Days and Times


Program Hours are 7:30 am to 5:30 pm

Full-time:  M-F 

Part-time: M/W/F 

Part-time: T/Th

Program is closed major holidays, 3 training days, one week summer break, and one week holiday break. An annual August through July calendar is available in advance. 

Tuition and Fees


Tuition is due weekly and is the same each week regardless of child’s attendance, holidays, and in-service trainings, with the exception of one week summer closure and one week winter closure. 

Please call 602-384-6933 for current rates. 

A $100 deposit is due upon enrollment. 

Tuition includes breakfast, lunch, and snack. All meals served are healthy and meet or exceed federal food program requirements. 



Our Emergent Curriculum is developed on a weekly basis and is informed by children’s interests and family input so learning activities are fun and meaningful. The lesson plan covers all developmental domains, includes individual learning goals, and is reflected upon prior to developing the next plan to ensure optimal learning connections. All activities have learning goals that align with the Arizona Early Learning Standards or the Arizona Infant Toddler Developmental Guidelines to ensure school readiness. 

Family Involvement


Families are encouraged to be actively involved in our child care program. Parents are welcome to stay with their child for part of the day, be involved in the planning of their child’s day, contribute ideas, collect donated materials, or plan an activity for the children.  We communicate with families about their children on a regular basis using different methods based on each family’s preference.   More formal conferences to discuss children’s development, goals, and developmental screenings are offered a minimum of two times per year. 

Referrals and Testimonials


I’m so excited to be able share information about quality childcare in the Phoenix area. Children should be able to learn and explore in a safe home environment while being offered quality learning experiences. Take some time to become familiar with the philosophy and mission of this facility because I'm sure you will be seeing many great things from them in the future! Children deserve quality child care from professionals who are committed to their growth and development!

-Brittnee Kirkendoll



My child has food allergies. What kind of accommodations will you make?

Food is prepared on-site to ensure compliance with the Child Nutrition Program and to ensure any modification to a child‘s diet whether due to allergies, sensitivities, or family preference is closely monitored.

How do I ensure the safety of my child in a home environment?

Every teacher has a fingerprint clearance, a DCS background check, reference checks, current immunizations/ free of TB, and is CPR/ First Aid certified. Teachers are also trained on the ADHS (health and safety) trainings and have experience and education in early childhood education.  PC welcomes outside agencies and parents to stop in unannounced and to stay and participate in our program. 

What are are the benefits of multi-age home-based child care?

The continuity of care from the same teacher is optimal for learning because the most important aspect of quality care is the nurturing, positive, and ongoing relationship with a caring, trusted adult. The multi-age program also promotes more opportunities to teach, model, and experience empathy, leadership, and character building traits such as kindness, respect and patience. 

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Courtney Nyetrae, Director

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Once a family is enrolled, we welcome families anytime throughout the day. 

Powerful Connections, Young Minds in the Making

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